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Tammy Taylor TOP GEL Plus+ with the Application "Brush" for a Smooth and Easy Application Every Time
(up to 60 nail services per bottle)

Tammy Taylor Top Gel Plus+

(CLICK HERE FOR DEMONSTRATION). Tammy Taylor "TOP GEL Plus+" Seals and Protects Acrylic Nails, and "All" Types of Gel Nails. This creates a hard non-porous, non-staining surface that shines like glass for 4 weeks; and... TOP GEL Plus+ cures with both types of lamps: you can use an LED Lamp or a UV Lamp."

Have a Great Nail Day,
Tammy Taylor

Tammy Taylor TOP GEL Plus+
(Non-Yellowing - UV Formula)

UV/LED Cure Gel

LED Cure Time: 40 seconds
36 Watt UV Cure Time: 2 minutes

• Stays shiny up to a month
Seals and protects Acrylic and Gel
Super durable
Cures in LED and UV Lamps
Non-yellowing UV Formula
Does not stain • No chipping or peeling

Files off Easily
"NO" drills and "NO" heavy filing needed to remove


  • File Acrylic or Gel Nails (do not buff with oil as this will stop even adhesion)
  • Wash hands (residue and dust from filing could cause yellowing, so always scrub nails with soap and water and dry thoroughly)
  • Clean nails with Tammy Taylor Clean-It
  • Apply Tammy Taylor TOP GEL Plus+
  • Cure with an LED or UV Lamp (do "not" over-cure as this could cause yellowing)
  • Clean surface of nails after curing, with Tammy Taylor Clean-It
  • Apply Tammy Taylor Conditioning Cuticle Oil - (Rub "oil" into nails and cuticles)
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