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Prevent Lifting with Tammy Taylor Non-Lifting Nail Primer

MAKE YOUR NAILS LAST with Tammy Taylor Non-Lifting Nail Primer 1/2 oz.

MAKE YOUR NAILS LAST with Tammy Taylor Non-Lifting Nail Primer 1/2 oz.

  • Use your Tammy Taylor "NON-LIFTING NAIL PRIMER" with any brand of acrylic nail products, which you may presently be using.
  • No other nail primer will give you better results, consistently and on every client.
  • Warning: Do "Not" use any type of a pre-primer, nail fresh, pre-bond, nail prep or scrub for adhesion. Using any type of pre-prime or cleansers, especially anything with alcohol in it, can actually cause lifting, and cost you a lot of money, "time" and aggravation.
  • Make sure the Tammy Taylor "NON-LIFTING NAIL PRIMER" is still "wet" when acrylic is applied.
  • Use 2-COATS of Tammy Taylor "NON-LIFTING NAIL PRIMER".
  • Let the 1st COAT of Tammy Taylor "NON-LIFTING NAIL PRIMER" "dry". This will dry out the oils on the nail and kill the germs on the nail.
  • The 2nd COAT of Tammy Taylor "NON-LIFTING NAIL PRIMER" needs to be applied one nail at a time; this will insure your nail primer is still "wet" when the "wet" acrylic is applied.
  • The "wet" Tammy Taylor "NON-LIFTING NAIL PRIMER" and "wet" acrylic blend together causing a chemical reaction, which pulls the product into the hills & valleys on the nails.
  • Note: If the second coat of Tammy Taylor "NON-LIFTING NAIL PRIMER" dries then apply a third coat; make sure Primer is "wet" when acrylic is applied.
  • Helpful Pointers:
  • To eliminate Fill-LINES and a lot of extra work, try "not" to nip the acrylic back when doing a fill; just file the acrylic nail flush with the natural nail. But... if lifting occurs, you will need to nip, so moisture does not get trapped under the acrylic.

Do "not" use a pump for the nail liquid, because it will not allow you to submerge your brush properly, and without the proper amount of liquid for good product consistency, it can cause lifting. Also, pumps can cause liquid contamination, which causes lifting and yellowing.

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