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Tammy Taylor Polish Remover, Acetonem and Brush Cleaner


Get All "3" Nail Tech "Necessities" Today

  • 16 oz. Tammy Taylor Peach Polish Remover (value $8.45)
  • 16 oz. Tammy Taylor Brush Cleaner w/ Conditioners (value $22.00)
  • 16 oz. Tammy Taylor Acetone (Professional Grade) (value $8.45) 

(Get All 3 Value $38.90)
Only $34.95

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Nail Tech "Necessities"

There are "3" Nail Products that are an absolute "Necessity" every single day when doing Nails, and being a Nail Tech, I understand the better these "Nail Necessities" do their job, the easier your job is.

Tammy Taylor

- Tammy Taylor 100% Pure Acetone
(Professional Grade):

"Tammy Taylor 100% Pure Acetone (Professional Grade) is "not" diluted with water, because I like my Acetone to work fast.
Many acetones are diluted with water, and this slows down the effectiveness of the acetone."

The #1 use for your Tammy Taylor 100% Pure Acetone is for "Soaking Off" Acrylic Nails, Artificial Nails, Tips, etc...

But... there are many other uses:
When doing nails, Nail Stations get very stained and dirty from all of the Nail Products we use.

  • The Tammy Taylor 100% Pure Acetone (Professional Grade) is great for removing Polish spills or splashes, that get on the surface of the manicure table
  • Removing hardened Acrylic from the surface of the manicure table
  • Cleaning out Dappen Dishes
  • Cleaning off Nail Brush Handles
  • Removing or Cleaning anything that gets sticky, stained, hardened, etc..., at the manicure Station

- Tammy Taylor Brush Cleaner w/ Conditioners:

"Your "Sable" Nail Brushes are expensive, and when you have to replace them too quickly, it can get really expensive."

"I have manicurists who have been using the same Sable Nail Brushes for over 2 1/2 years!
Straight acetone can "ruin" a brush, but when you use Tammy Taylor Brush Cleaner w/ Conditioners, your Sable Nail Brushes will not dry out; keeping your brush beautiful and smooth for a very long time.

Also, picking dry hard acrylic product out of a brush will break off brush hairs, and damage the brush, making it impossible to create beautiful nails; and this is another reason why it is so important to use your Tammy Taylor Brush Cleaner w/ Conditioners. The "Brush Cleaner" softens and dissolves hardened acrylic product in under 1 minute."

  • To clean out hardened acrylic product, place your Sable Nail Brush in your Tammy Taylor Dish filled with Tammy Taylor Brush Cleaner, and let it set as long as needed; usually 1 minute is good, but if you need to leave it in a little longer, that is fine. 
  • If the bristles on your Sable Nail Brush have bent from sitting too long, just hold the brush under "running" warm water, until it comes back into shape.
  • After cleaning your Sable Nail Brush in your Tammy Taylor Brush Cleaner, wipe it off on your Tammy Taylor Towelette; then dip your Sable Nail Brush into your Nail Liquid and wipe it off again; this keeps your brush "ready" to make Beautiful Acrylic Nails.

- Tammy Taylor Peach Polish Remover:

"Tammy Taylor Polish Remover (with conditioners)" is formulated "for" Natural Nails and "for" Artificial Nails.

  • Myths about Polish Removers:

It has been "thought"; Acetone polish removers dry out the natural nail more than Non-acetone polish removers.
This is "not" true: "Non-acetone" polish removers contain Ethyl Acetate; "and" "Acetone" Polish Removers contain Acetone.
Both Acetone and Ethyl Acetate are Solvents; they both can dry out the natural nail equally; but... an Acetone base polish remover, removes polish faster & better, and is more economical than Ethyl Acetate based polish removers.

  • Non-acetone polish removers will dry out the natural nail more than "Tammy Taylor Polish Remover (with conditioners)" because you need to leave Non-acetone polish remover on the natural nail twice as long, to get the polish to come off.

The longer you leave a solvent on the nail, the more dried out the nail becomes.

Tip to Save Money:

  • Non-acetone polish removers are more expensive to purchase than "Tammy Taylor Polish Remover (with conditioners)" and you will need to use more Non-acetone polish remover per nail, just to get the nail polish to come off.

TIP of the DAY: Make your manicure last longer, by cleaning off the natural fingernail with "Tammy Taylor Polish Remover (with conditioners)", before applying nail polish. This will help with adhesion, without drying out the natural nail.

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