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Tammy Taylor Towelettes

300 Pack of Towelette’s
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Use with Acrylic Services - Gel Services - Natural Nail Services

Remove Polish without leaving cotton fibers on the nail

  • Remove Tacky Surface on Nail Gels Tammy Taylor - CEO, Tammy Taylor Nails Inc. - Entrepreneur and Business Owner since 1981
  • Keep Nail Liquid from getting thick in the Dappen Dish (wipe your Brush on the Towelette during nail application)
  • Cut Down on Waste (use Towelette’s instead of large paper towels)
  • Help Eliminate Contamination (use clean Towelette’s during nail application)
  • Towelette’s  Keep your Sculpting Brush Clean which Extends the Life of Your Brush
  • Decrease Nail Station "fumes" (instead of using your trash can to dispose of  used Towelette’s while doing nails use a small pop-top Tupperware type container)

"I would like to share with you a little story about "how" my Towelette's were invented. When I first began teaching Nail classes, about 26 years ago, my Dad would help me with the classes. At one of our classes my Dad started cutting the large disposable paper towels into 4 small towels; so we did not waste a big towel just for wiping off our brushes. This proved to have a lot of benefits; not just for cutting down on waste; but it also decreased the fumes & kept our brushes cleaner. This made our brushes last longer, and we had less contamination, which made our nail application easier. We then started using the Towelette’s to remove polish instead of cotton, as cotton leaves little fuzzies on the nail. And now another great use is with Nail Gel's, use the Towelette's along with Clean-It, to remove the tacky surface after curing."

Tammy Taylor

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