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Metal files, coarse emery boards and fingernail clippers, shred the free-edge of the natural nail causing peeling, breaking, splitting and cracking.
Tammy Taylor
Important Nail Pointers:

  • Do Not use Metal files or coarse emery boards on Natural Fingernails!
  • Do Not clip Natural Fingernails to shorten!


  • Always file to shorten Natural Fingernails never clip.


Your Natural Nail File is one of your most important tools to promoting healthy, strong and long Natural Fingernails.

"I created the "Natural Nail Shaper File" especially for promoting healthy and strong Natural Fingernails. I just cringe every time I see someone using the wrong file or nail clipper on Natural Fingernails
Tammy Taylorbecause I know the damage they are doing."

The Tammy Taylor "Natural Nail Shaper File" is a Special Smooth filing surface, that is strong enough to shorten and fine enough to gently file natural fingernails, without ripping or tearing, to help eliminate cracking, breaking, peeling and splitting; thus promoting healthy fingernail growth.

  • Smooth filing surface
  • Strong enough to shorten natural fingernails
  • Fine enough to gently file natural fingernails
  • No ripping or tearing
  • Helps eliminate cracking, breaking, peeling & splitting
  • Promotes healthy natural fingernail growth

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