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Tammy Taylor A+ Coat, Conditioning Cuticle Oil and Clean Finsh Buffers

Get your Tammy Taylor "FAST FINISH" Kit Today

Tammy Taylor "FAST FINISH" Kit Contains:

2 -Tammy Taylor "A+ Coat" (1/2 oz. Value $7.50 X 2 =$15.00)

2- Tammy Taylor "Clean Finish Buffers" (Value $7.45 X 2 =$14.90)

1-Tammy Taylor "Peach Spa Cuticle Oil" (4 oz. Bottle - "Choice" of fragrance - Peach or Gardenia Value $11.75)


Tammy Taylor "FAST FINISH" Kit ONLY $41.65
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Finish your Nails FAST with your "FAST FINISH" KIT

"Keeping your job simple will help you increase your speed and make doing nails easier.
Below are the 3 FINISHING Steps and Products I use to "Finish" Nails Fast."


Have a Great Nail day,
Tammy Taylor

Tammy Taylor - CEO, Tammy Taylor Nails Inc. - Entrepreneur and Business Owner since 1981Clean Finish Buffers (Material "not" paper – to buff FAST) - Conditioning Cuticle Oil (to help Smooth FAST) - A+ COAT (FAST Air-Dry UV Top Coat) all Made in the USA.

  1. Apply Tammy Taylor "Cuticle & Conditioning Oil" to the acrylic nails
  2. Buff with the Tammy Taylor "Clean Finish Buffer" until smooth

  • Wash hands
  1. Apply 2 Coats of Tammy Taylor "A+ Coat"

Air Dries in Seconds


Tammy Taylor "A+ Coat"

Your Tammy Taylor "A+ Coat" is an Air-Dry, Non-Yellowing, High Gloss (U.V.) Acrylic Sealer Top Coat, to Keep your Pink & White Acrylic Nails Shiny and prevent Yellowing. There is no light cure needed, so you can "retail" A+ COAT to your clients to use at home in between fills.

Tammy Taylor "Clean Finish Buffer"

Your Tammy Taylor "Clean Finish Buffer" is made out of a special "Buffing Material"; it is Disinfectable and Washable, and there are no abrasive grit filings to get embedded in the nail, making it very clean while buffing, this is how it got its name the "Clean Finish Buffer".

Tammy Taylor "Peach Spa Cuticle Oil"
Your Tammy Taylor "Cuticle Oil" is 100% natural, blended with the purest, highest quality ingredients and organic, all natural essential oils extracted from plants, and infused with special vitamins.
Your Tammy Taylor "Cuticle Oil" helps Buff your Acrylic Nails to a Smooth scratch free finish and promotes healthy cuticles and natural nails.

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