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The Tammy Taylor "Long Lasting Zebra" is our #1 Most Popular Tammy Taylor "Nail File"

The Tammy Taylor "Long Lasting Zebra" can be disinfected and is washable.

"The Tammy Taylor "Long Lasting Zebra" is my favorite file to file nails.
I use the Tammy Taylor "Long Lasting Zebra" to Shape and Finish the Entire Surface of the Nail, on my Full Sets and on my Fill-Ins.

All of the Tammy Taylor Nail Files are hand-made in the United States (with a lot of love, and just a little use of machines); and they are the highest quality Nail Files made in the world. The workmanship that goes into my files has been perfected with over 25 years of experience."

Tammy Taylor

Tammy Taylor - CEO, Tammy Taylor Nails Inc. - Entrepreneur and Business Owner since 1981Help Eliminate PICKING, LIFTING and FLAT NAILS with your Tammy Taylor "Long Lasting Zebra" Files.
The CUTICLE AREA: Filing the "ROAD" around the CUTICLE AREA will help Eliminate PICKING and LIFTING.

How to File "the ROAD”:
1. Place your T.T. Long Lasting Zebra File at an angle in the "Road" area (between the cuticle and the acrylic nail)


  • File acrylic flush with the natural nail around the cuticle area.


Important: Make sure you can feel the "ROAD" between the acrylic and the cuticle.Tammy Taylor - How To: Polish Change on Pink & White Acrylic Nails

"The ROAD” is the area between the cuticle skin and the acrylic. There needs to be a little space here where you can feel the natural nail. If there is no space, you will "not" be able to fit your file into this area to blend your acrylic flush with the natural nail. If the acrylic is "not" flush with the natural nail it "will" cause lifting and picking.
Important: Make sure you do not apply your acrylic too close to the cuticle. Always keep your acrylic about 1/32nd of an inch away from the cuticle skin.

The "Horseshoe Pattern" helps SHAPE the Arch on the top of your acrylic nails, and will ELIMINATE FLAT NAILS and OVER FILING, which also helps eliminate BREAKING.

How to File using the "HORSESHOE PATTERN":

Using your T.T. Long Lasting Zebra File:



  • File the acrylic nail from one side to the other in the shape of a "HORSESHOE".


Bevel up one side of the nail, across the top, and bevel down the other side.



  • Continue the same motion all the way to the end of the free-edge.

Tammy Taylor 100 and 180 grit Long Lasting Zebra Files

Tammy Taylor "Long Lasting Zebra Files" are available in 2 different grits: the 100-grit and the 180-grit. (disinfectable and washable)

Both the 180-grit and the 100-grit grit Tammy Taylor "Long Lasting Zebra Files" can be used as a "Finishing File", because they both have the special "Zinc Oxide coating".

This Nail File, files like a dream; the Zinc Oxide coating is like a powder coating which helps the file go across the nail fast and easy, without any tug; which is why I love to use this file when I am doing the Finishing Filing, on my Full Sets and on my Fill-Ins".

Both of the "Long Lasting Zebra Files" are fine enough to smooth and not leave scratches, but coarse enough to shape the nail easily. For filing smooth, the top of acrylic or any other filing on artificial nails.

Get your Tammy Taylor "Nail Files" Today

Available in 2 different grits, the 100-grit and the 180-grit (disinfectable and washable)


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