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Tammy Taylor Bond-It (Non-Acid Primer) - FOR GEL ONLY Tammy Taylor Bond-It non-acid primer for Nail Gel System

  • Tammy Taylor Bond-It is the Non-acid Primer used for Tammy Taylor Gel Nails.
  • WARNING: Do not use for acrylic nails


Directions: After prepping the natural nail apply 2 coats of
Tammy Taylor Bond-It and let dry completely before applying
Tammy Taylor Nail Gel.

Q: Can you use Acid Primer for Tammy Taylor Soak-Off Gel?
A: No, it causes heat and it is not needed for adhesion, the Tammy Taylor Bond-It Non acid Primer is the only primer needed

1/3rd oz bottle is enough to prime over 500 nails for only $10.45 

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