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Acrylic Nails and Gel Nails - 100% NON-LIFTING NAILS - The Tammy Taylor Way!

"To build a successful clientele, it is important to have Client retention. The Best way to keep clients for life is to offer Outstanding Customer Service; use Professional Products and have a "No-Lift Guarantee", for all of your "Nail Enhancements". Here are a few tricks of the trade, to having 100% No-lift Nails, especially for Acrylic Nail and Gel Nail Clients, that are prone to Lifting."

Have A Great Nail Day,
Tammy Taylor

Tammy Taylor - CEO, Tammy Taylor Nails Inc. - Entrepreneur and Business Owner since 1981 $18.95 Nail Primer - for Acrylic
$9.99 Nail Primer - for Gel
$12.45 Etchers
$1.75 Plastic Manicure Brush

Get all 4 in your "NO-LIFT NAIL" Essentials Kit $43.14

Tammy Taylor - Non-Lifting Nail Primer, Bond-It and Peel 'n' Stick Etcher


1. "FIRST STEP" in eliminating LIFTING: PREP the Natural Nail.

PROPER PREPERATION: Proper etching will eliminate 75 % of all lifting problems.
*Improper etching: If the nail is not properly etched, "Nail Enhancements" cannot adhere to the natural nail, which causes 75% of all lifting. The Tammy Taylor 100-grit Purple Terminator File or Disposable "Etchers", are the best files for etching. Etch only the way the natural nail grows - from cuticle to free-edge, until there is no shine left on the nail-plate. Etching will create little "hills & valleys" in the natural nail, which the product will flow into it.
ALWAYS USE A "PTERYGIUM STONE": To further insure no lifting; use the Tammy Taylor Pterygium Stone to push back excess cuticle & Pterygium.

2. "SECOND STEP" in eliminating LIFTING: Dust Off the Nail Using the Tammy Taylor "Plastic Manicure Brush"

DUSTING: Always use a plastic manicure brush, which can be disinfected after every client. "Do Not" use a cosmetic brush to dust the nail. A cosmetic brush will not properly remove the dust particles from the nail-plate; any dust particles left on the nail-plate can lead to lifting. Also, the cosmetic brush cannot be disinfected properly, and can spread germs.

3. "THIRD STEP" in eliminating LIFTING: Use the Tammy Taylor "NON-LIFTING NAIL PRIMER" for all types of "Acrylic" Products or use the "BOND-IT NAIL PRIMER" for all types of "Gel" Products.

"Acrylic Nails": Apply Tammy Taylor "Non-Lifting Nail Primer" for Acrylic Nails, "twice" to the natural nail. The FIRST application of primer will kill any germs on the nail and dry out oils; make sure the first coat of primer is completely "DRY". (No Pre-Prime is used with Tammy Taylor "NON-LIFTING NAIL PRIMER", and pre-primes can cause Lifting.)
The SECOND application of primer needs to be applied "one" nail at a time, just before applying the acrylic; to insure primer is "WET" when acrylic is applied.
The "WET" Tammy Taylor "NON-LIFTING NAIL PRIMER" and "WET" acrylic blend together causing a strong bond, which pulls the product into the "hills & valleys" made with the Etching file.

"Gel Nails": Clean off the nails with Tammy Taylor "Clean-It" to kill any germs on the nail and dry out oils.
Apply "Bond-It Nail Primer" for Gel Nails "twice" to the natural nail. Make sure the first coat is completely "DRY" then apply the Second Coat and let it "DRY" completely. (Note: For "gels" the 2nd coat must also dry.)
Now the nails are ready to apply Gel.

Helpful Pointers:

  • TOO LONG: When the Free-Edge of the nail is longer than the nail-bed, it too can cause lifting. Depending upon how active or careful your client is, will determine how long to make the nails. But remember, if the free-edge is longer than the nail bed, the free-edge will have too much weight at the end, like a teeter-totter; this will pull the product up from the nail-bed.

  • CLIENT MAINTENANCE: Educating your Client on how to properly maintain their nails, will also help eliminate lifting. As the nail starts to grow out, there is a chance your Client may experience dryness around their "Nail Enhancements" or dry cuticles, hang-nails, rough edges etc., anything that is dry or rough can cause a Client to pick at their nails, which can lead to lifting.



- Problems can be avoided by "educating" your Client on using Cuticle oil daily on their cuticles, and smoothing any rough edges. Make sure to sell them a "Client Maintenance kit" which includes a Tammy Taylor Mini-Zebra File, Tammy Taylor Mini-Buffer, Tammy Taylor Conditioning Cuticle Oil and a Tammy Taylor Top Coat.

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